Templates CSS/JS for WordPress

A few months ago, I found on your site a dedicated page to see and download CSS / JS templates to quickly and easily customize the Algolia search engine on WordPress.

Today, I can not find this page anymore.
There are pages that talk about customization but there is more template available.

Was that withdrawn or I saw? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,


Do you remember if those examples were specific to the WordPress plugin?

I’m not sure but I think so.

The only links I can think of are:

But I don’t think that answers your question because those are the same I previously shared with you.

Maybe someone else as a better link to share?

Indeed, that is not it.
But I think that since then, the page has to be removed.

Anybody remember that?
Thanks in advance,

Hey, i’d be interested to get some CSS templates too for Wordpress search. If this page ever existed - or if someone is willing to share some CSS templates, please let me know!