Terms missing from instant search

I am using instantsearch with my static Jekyll website on a DigitalOcean droplet. Everything works well, but I occasionally find words that are not appearing in my seach results (e.g. shiny does not give results despite being found on several pages and as a tag for the site). When I check my index on the Algolia website, shiny is indeed present. I don’t understand why this term fails to show results or how to resolve this. Interestingly, shiny se (the beginning of shiny server) does give results. So the pages are in fact indexed, I just cannot access them with shiny as a search term. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi there,

It appears there may be some type of debouncing or limits set on the key presses.

When I search for shiny, I also do not see anything. Just like you, further typing of " se" returns the result for “Shiny Server”.

However, when a backspace and remove " Se" leaving just “Shiny”, there is a match:


Also, If I check the network calls to Algolia, I see one for each character and also see that the query for “shiny” shows the result below:

Let me know if you have any further questions.
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Thanks for the reply. It is weird because this behavior only seems to happen with a few terms. Most of my attempted searches seem to work fine. This is more of an annoyance than a big problem for me. Any idea of how I might troubleshoot (or even fix) this?

My indexing seems to be working just fine. The issue must be with the front-end on my Jekyll site. I’ve looked at the code and compared it to working code on the tutorial site, and I can find no differences. This will bother me until I figure it out.

Hi @franklc,

I apologize for missing your response.

Are you still running into this issue?

If so, can you build out a simple implementation using Codesandbox so that we can troubleshoot your code together.

Feel free to start with one of these templates depending on the flavor of InstantSearch used:

Thanks in advance. I look forward to your reply!
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