The Admin API key or/and Application ID is invalid

Hi, I am using angolia for the first time as a plugin in Moodle3.3.2. The installation is done succefully but getting one error message.
i.e Invalid credentials. The Admin API key or/and Application ID is invalid. I am following

I am following below link :
Please help me out on this issue.

Did you check if the api keys you entered are the same as on ?

Actually I copied the application Id and Admin API key from API Keys page in my Algolia account. Also I tried the regenerate option. But every time I get the same error message.

Can you explain where you’re using those keys?


I have installed Algolia plugin in moodle and there while installing there is a step where we need to provide the Application Id and Admin API Key.

In below link you can check the Algolia Credentials title which says to save the 2 things from Algolia dashboard.

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