The Algolia for Netlify plugin ... got lots of ignored

My crawler shows that I got lots of Canonical URL, so the crawler ignored that…
I don’t know how to fix it.
By the way by website is :
And the source code from github powered by docusaurus

Hi @jnkjko123,

I spoke with the team and there is a known issue with canonical links in Docusaurus and the crawler.

For DocSearch there is a workaround – setting for ignoreCanonicalTo: true in the Crawler configuration, but it doesn’t look like this is available for the Netlify integration.

There is apparently an open issue on this in the Docusaurus repo but I’m having trouble tracking it down.

It may be worth cutting a support ticket on the Algolia side to see if they can do something similar to what we do for DocSearch with your Netlify crawler.

Thank you for your reply.
I’ve already ask the support team for help. They ask me to go here create a post.
I have not proceed to use DocSearch, the apply have not been approved yet.
So I use the Netlify crawler + my own Algolia account crawler.