The Algolia for Netlify plugin v1 is here

Hello everyone

We have a great news: we released the V1 of the Algolia for Netlify Plugin.
We want to thanks everyone that participated in the Beta and gave feedbacks along the way.

Here are the latest major changes:

Support for custom domains

We automatically configure and discover your website if you have specified a custom domain in your Netlify settings. You are also now able to put it in your netlify.toml
Learn more about that.

Support for Javascript execution

If your website needs it, for example if you have a React application without server-side rendering, you can enable Javascript rendering by setting the renderJavaScriptoption in your netlify.toml
Look at examples.

Password protected website

If you have configured the password protection through your Netlify site’s settings (Settings > Access Control > Visitor Access) , the Crawler will automatically use this password to crawl your website.
Official Netlify documentation.

New frontend bundle

We revamped our frontend bundle with the imminent release of autocomplete.js v1.
This bundle is lighter, dependency free and is much more customizable.
How to migrate from v0

Hierarchical Extraction

If your website is well structured with hierarchical headings (like we often see in documentation or blog post) you can now leverage those information and automatically extract a well structured record.
Specify template = hierarchy in your netlify.toml and you are good to go.
How to configure hierarchical extraction

… and even more

Take a look at our Github repository to find all documentations, new settings and in-depth extraction strategy.

Thanks again for your trust,