The indexing queue is never cleared

Magento 1.9. I’ve updated version of Algolia search from 1.10.0 to 1.13.0 and update algolia credentials to new account. Now I always see the message:

Algolia Search - Indexing queue information: Number of queued jobs: 403, all queued jobs will be processed in appr. 3 hours 25 minutes, more information about how the indexing queue works you can find in the documentation: Indexing queue

Execution of “indexing runner” doesn’t have effect. In new account’s dashboard there are only 4 indexes.
How can I clear indexing tables in the my Magento database or process all 403 jobs ?

Thanks in advance !

UPDATED: I think the reason for the problem in changing the Algolia’s credentials in the module configuration. May be these 403 jobs are corresponds to the old username ? I see, that when I change product or categories or something else on the website, number of jobs in the message are increasing (up to 700 jobs), and them gradually decreases to 403 back.

Check the DB table algoliasearch_queue. I guess it will have 403 rows with PID filled (i.e. non null), but there are no jobs with the corresponding PID running on the server. If so, just truncate the table or clear the PID column to get them processed.

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It really helped !
There are 9 unique different PID in this table.
I’ve deleted that rows and now all is OK.

Thanks !


@jan.petr I guess same bug we talked about