The keyword "any " cannot be searched when it comes at the beginning of a sentence

Hi Everyone, I’m facing a problem about search product in algolia from magento. I have some products have brand name is Any DI. The problem is, If I search “any di” query → There’s no results about “Any di” (Only “di” query is searchable), If I search “any-di” or “any_di” or “di any” → It works.
I’m assuming that "any " is a special keyword in algolia which can not use as a query parameter. Does any know why and how to resolve it.
Thanks so much

Hi. Looks like you might have a problem with “stop words” and “words ignored”

  1. Have you checked you “stop words” setting in your main index configuration?

  2. Also, the list of stop words is added here in Dictionaries: Sign in | Algolia
    Dictionaries → stop words.

Check if “any” is on this list, and if so, I recommend deleting it :slight_smile:

Let me know if that works.

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Thanks for your help, Marina. “Any” is one of a default word ignored from Algolia, I disabled it and I can find my queries now.

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Great, I’m glad I helped.