The renderingContent feature isn't enabled on your application


I’m having troubles with Facet display. I have added Attributes for faceting and when I’m trying to add attributesForFaceting at first everything seems fine: - Nimbus Capture
But when I’m trying to save the changes, I get an error " * Updating settings failed :
The renderingContent feature isn’t enabled on your application": - Nimbus Capture

I am clearly missing something, do I have to enable this feature somewhere? Or is it unavailable for free plan?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Julija,

Facet Display is a relatively recent feature that requires the v8 version of Algolia. If this is an older application, it may be on a previous version of the engine.

Can you DM me your application ID? I can see if this is what’s going on.

I feel a bit embarrassed but I can’t find how to DM in discourse…