There is no strategy named 'PascalCaseNamingStrategy'

In the v6 of .net api, under the section " POCO, types and new serialization strategy" it says:

However, if you don’t want to follow this default behavior you can still override it with [JsonObject(NamingStrategyType = typeof(PascalCaseNamingStrategy))] in your classes.

“PascalCaseNamingStrategy” doesn’t not resolve to anything and there is a “using Newtonsoft.Json” directive present.

Can somebody help with this as we need to continue to use PascalCase Naming until we can update the applications.



You’re right, there is a typo in the documentation, it should be: DefaultNamingStrategy instead. The DefaultStrategy will keep unchanged Property names and dictionary keys .

I’ll make sure we fix the doc!

Happy coding with Algolia!

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