ToggleRefinement not working!

I have a hit that has a is_quoted_price inside attribute. so some of the returned hits have attribute is_quoted_price: true inside js object.

My ToggleRefinement widget looks like this. I am filtering multiple indices so index is here because this attribute is on hits from sandbox deals indice.

<Index indexName="sandbox_deals">
       label="Quoted projects only"

But when i check the widget number of results is 0 like all of my hits in the indice have this attribute false even if some of them have it true.

What could be the problem here?

Hi there, could you share with us a small example of your issue using our templates? See here:

I resloved it in a meantime, it wasn’t a problem with the component. Indice name was changed, but some settings were not updated so filters were not working. Not sure what exact settings beacuse I work only on frontend…