Top navigation feature

In the site we are planning to implement, there is a top navigation which has Products, Services,Blogs, etc. in it. On hovering over ‘Products’, the overlay shows level 1 categories and on hovering over a particular level 1 category, the corresponding level 2 categories are shown. There will be a product index that will hold all the product data along with the categories mapping as well. I thought one approach is to have a separate taxonomy index which will hold all the levels of the category. Once in 24hrs this index will be queried and all the levels will be fetched and saved in cache from where it will be used it to display the PRODUCT menu. I am new to Algolia still trying to understand the tool. So I am not sure how to drive this ‘Product’ in top navigation from Algolia. Any guidance or suggestion on this will really help. Just fyi - The front end is on AEM.