Touch event on mobile unable to scroll product list

I am trying to run this extension on my site but the mobile version is not working well on my website. When I search for something and then try to scroll the search result on any mobile, the touch event is processed instantly, so it opens the product link without letting the user to scroll through the result list. Is it a JS issue? Any guidance is appreciated.


Hi there,

In order to give you some guidance, we would need a bit more info!
What extension are you using? How about the browser? Could you give a reproducible site of the issue you’re running into?


Great… I asked for help here and someone injected bot on my website after I post the link… deleted post… ???

Hello @ggrando,

I checked your website, but the link you provided us shows non existing page (404). And the rest of your website doesn’t use Algolia for searching.
Could you provide us with live website where we could investigate the issue?

Thank you!

Hello, the same error occurs in the mobile version and the scroll, website:

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Exact same problem. I was unable to find solution and changed module, but if we manage to find a fix I may change back to algolia.