Trailing Zeros on Part Numbers Being Removed

I have part numbers with a format like xxxxxx.100 and when I pull the products up in Algolia, the index is storing them as a number and removing the trailing zeros like xxxxxx.1 making them not show up for the complete part number search.

How can I prevent Algolia from removing the trailing zeros?

I am using Algolia with Laravel Scout, so I assume I need to add something to my config/scout-products.php file, just can’t find what I need to add.

How is the part number defined in your model? It sounds like you’d want this defined as a string instead of double or other number type in your model.

I’m no taware of a way to do this transformation in the import process.

Hi Chuck,
The migration file has it defined as a string,


I just found this can be done in the model, so I added that and reimported, but the trailing zeros are still being removed

protected $keyType = 'string';