transformItems seems to be ignored when configured via docusaurus config

Hey, I am trying to reorder my search results so that certain pages have higher priority than others. The docs page is built using Docusaurus if it is of any relevance. One way I could achieve this is via transformItems custom function which is suited for reordering the results. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s not picking up my custom function when I search for something.

    algolia: {
      appId: 'XXX',
      apiKey: 'XXX',
      indexName: 'XXX', // These work properly.
      contextualSearch: true,
      placeholder: 'Custom', // This does not work either.
      transformItems: (items) => {
        console.log('transformItems', items)
        return items

I suppose this is just some slight misconfiguration that I am missing. Any help is highly appreciated!