Translate the App in Shopify

Hi, I’m new with Algolia search…
I have a problem with the translation of the app in my shopify store,
I need to translate the search page and the search “box” in italian, how I can do it?


Up… please I need a solution

Unfortunately, this is not built in the application yet.
The only solution is to dive in the front-end code we install and modify yourself the different expressions.
The best starting point I can give you is this link to our documentation about front-end customization: .

In the autocomplete and instant search sections, you’ll find descriptions of what each file that we install contains.
You’ll mostly want to open primarily the .js.liquid and .hogan.liquid files.

The only exception to this are sort orders and facets, which you can rename directly from the interface:

We’ll work on this in the future, but are currently trying our best to have a robust application English-based and add support for other languages from there.
Internationalization is never as easy as anticipated, as I’ve learnt with our Zendesk integration and will require some time and effort to be done right.

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Thanks for the support I need one last thing…
How can i put few pixel between the search page ande the navigation menu (padding?)
I tried to search for “top” or “padding” but changing each value nothing changed.

Great to see you’ve managed to achieve the translation by yourself!
For the vertical space, you can add simply to your CSS something like this:

.ais-page {
  margin-top: 10px;

Any progress on this topic? I’d like to have Algolia strings in french and english in my Shopify store. I’m using Langify and could probably use harcoded/forces translations using langify’s Custom translations section, but I’d like to avoid that. Is there a proper and clean way to translate Langify on a Shopify store?

Yes, if there is any update please share!