Translation auto-complete in Shopify

I use your Shopify App on my Shopify store
Had to translate in french, everything went well with editing the translate file in the code… but 2 annoying remain thing remain untranslatable (I can not find where it can be translated):
The “Collection” term (does not mean that in french), and “By” before the vendor name (which should be “par” in french).
Where can I translate these terms?

Hi @christian , and thanks for reporting this!

You’re correct, we’ve indeed missed the headers of the left panel.
We’ll fix this in an upcoming version, but the fastest way for you to correct this would probably be to open algolia_autocomplete.hogan.liquid.

For the by ..., there should be a function at the end of algolia_translations.js.liquid. If you don’t see it, then you might have an older version where it would still be hardcoded in algolia_autocomplete_product.hogan.liquid.

    by: function (text, render) {
      return 'by ' + render(text) + '';

Excellent! It all worked. :slight_smile:
Thanks for you help.

By the way, will updates automatically be pushed on my Shopify store, or should I do that manually? Will I keep my translations if there is an update?

Updates will not be automatically pushed to your store.
As you’ve probably understood by modifying our code, we install our files in your theme.
As you can modify them at any point, we don’t want to take the risk of overriding your modifications by doing automatic updates.

Once configured, you should probably not have to update our front-end code though.
As we can’t expect users to upgrade, we’ll never implement something backward-incompatible.

However, we’ll add features in the future that will require our newest front-end version to be used.
If you want to use them, you’ll indeed have to go through the Install in a new theme process again to update our code. In this process, we do override any changes that you may have made.
Keeping a track of them would probably be a good idea if you plan to be making heavy use of Algolia in the future. :slight_smile:

All right, thanks for the clarification!
I have already been through a theme update for … my theme, I keep track of my modifications. Where would I trigger the “udpate” feature for an app? I know how I can to it for a theme, but not for an app…

The app itself is automatically updated. What you see is actually a website, loaded inside your store, but a website anyway ( ). So you’ll always have the latest version of the app itself. (This is not Algolia specific, but the case for every single app in your store)

This is why it can sometimes be confusing : if you see a configuration option inside the up to date app for a feature that was added after you’ve installed our code in your theme, enabling/disabling it might have no effect.
We try our best to keep those occurences as low as possible, but as time goes by, the new feature set grows bigger. :slight_smile:

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