Trends recommendations model fail


I am currently trying to train the Trends recommendations model. Even though I have 38k conversion events, It continuously fails because of the lack of conversion events(Only needs 500). Why do I get this kind of error and how can I fix this? According to my record, the company I work will decide whether they will use Algolia.

Hi @ksimsek19

Here are a few tips to help you with troubleshooting:

  1. Are the 38k conversion events associated with the correct index within your application?

You can go into the Event Debugger and filter the index and eventType to confirm the conversion events are being mapped to the correct index to train the model.

  1. Is the data accurate?

With the above filters in place, you can click on one of the conversion event rows in the Debugger and verify the event is considered valid for Recommend.

  1. Have there been enough events in the last 30 days and cross multiple days?

Since the Trending models are looking for a trend over time, they need data over multiple days, and they only examine events for the last 30 days. Do you have enough events that meet these two criteria?

If all of this is true and your model is still failing, it’s worth opening a support ticket so they can investigate a specific training session for your model.