Trigger algolia API manually form front-end containing 2 facetfilters and 1 tag filter

I have a modal type angular component where the user selects different values based on different attributes. There is a “Apply” button i am providing which will trigger the combination of 3 filter searches.

I want the user to be able to select all 3 filter values and trigger search for the combination of the 3 states when user clicks on “Apply filter”.

I tried using (on clicking ‘Apply’ button):{
  facetFilters: [
}).then(res => {

This triggers algolia API, returns the updated results but the new “Hits” are not updated to my DOM. Maybe i’m not triggering it right? “this.state.refine()” doesn’t work since “this” is undefined in the then statement of How do i update the new results to my DOM?

Also the third filter is not a facetfilter rather a tag. How do i trigger search using 2 facetfilters and 1 tag.

Hi @zaheer,

I’m don’t fully understand what you’re trying to implement. Could you provide a working example of your issue? It will help is to better understand the problem. We provide template in order to avoid you the boilerplate part. You can pick the one that match your InstantSearch flavours: