Trouble connecting GitHub Student Plan with Algolia

I’ve just enrolled in GitHub Student Plan:

One of the benefits of this plan is that it includes a Algolia plan 100k records and 1 million operations, valid for 1 year.
I’ve been using Algolia for about 5 months in one my project Ingredient:
And as the project data seems to grow…I need to add more search records.

Once I was accepted by GitHub Student plan, I’ve tried connecting it my algolia account using this link:
But nothing happens, I’m still at a community plan with 10000 record limit. Also, my Algolica account is connected with my GitHub Account.

So, can you help me get the GitHub Student Plan integrated with my Algolia Account?

Hi @prottoyrudra7777,

I see that you contacted us at and I have responded to your email for verification.

I’ve sent a reply email with the necessary information you asked