Trouble with the queue runner

Hey there,

I tried to configure your algoliasearch-magento-2 extension, but it failed every time the magento scheduler runs.
The extension is installed and the credentials are correct configured.
I added
{PHP_BIN} "{INSTALLDIR}/bin/magento" indexer:reindex algolia_queue_runner
at the end of the magento, but everytime the was executed, i get the following error message:

The following requested index types are not supported: ‘algolia_queue_runner’.
Supported types: design_config_grid, customer_grid, catalog_product_flat, catalog_category_flat, catalog_category_product, catalog_product_category, catalog_product_price, catalog_product_attribute, cataloginventory_stock, catalogrule_rule, catalogrule_product, catalogsearch_fulltext

indexer:reindex [index1] … [indexN]

I see the Algolia Search Queue Runner in The Index Management (together with the other Algollia Indexers as Algolia Search Products and so on…).
Does anyone know, whats going wrong here?


Hello @julian.klassen,

can you tell me what version of Magento do you use and how did you install the extension?
Did you manage to run bin/magento setup:upgrade after you installed the extension?