Try the new algolia-quickstart tutorial on Glitch

Happy January, friends! Last month I’ve been busy building a few new applications on the Glitch platform. Glitch is a place where developers go to learn new things, so we want to make it as easy as possible to learn Algolia using core Glitch concepts like remixing and live editing. This new tutorial guides the user step-by-step all the way from getting raw data to tuning relevance to building the front end, while providing detailed instructions and feedback along the way.

Try algolia-quickstart

We created this step-by-step application for you to see from server to front end how you can use Algolia! This tutorial includes:

  • Prepare JSON data for Algolia: Getting data from an external API endpoint in JSON format
  • Upload data to Algolia index: Transform the data into records to push to Algolia
  • Configure index to be searched: Adding settings to the index created
  • Add search widgets to UI: Adding widgets to the client side

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We would love your feedback on how you think this flows! Did it work? Do you enjoy this type of step-by-step tutorial? Do you get stuck anywhere? Was anything unclear? If something is not working as expected, let us know. Share it with any developers you know who’ve been meaning to learn Algolia! The easier we can make Algolia, the better search experiences we can create for our community.

All code is open source and available on GitHub, and we’ll gladly accept pull requests.

:tada: As always, thanks for being part of the Algolia community and happy 2018! :tada:

:gift: P.S. Have you seen our holiday gift this year? Introducing… Talk Search! :speaking_head::mag: