Ui demo broken, requesting https://www.algolia.com/client-assets/.js

my ui-demos are broken

Even If I create a new search UI demo, which works while editing, when I just go to view it, it doesn’t work. If I look in chrome’s debugger, I see it’s looking for https://www.algolia.com/client-assets/.js which returns a 403

Hi @leifnel

I just created a few UI demos and didn’t see this problem.

Was this a new demo or an existing one? InstantSearch or Autocomplete?

Can you seen me a screenshot of the error?

It happens in both the old or a newly created demo,


It looks just fine, but I can’t type or click anything,

In chrome debugger I get this:


Hmmm… you may need to open a support ticket on this one. This is the first I’ve heard of this issue.

Hey @leifnel – just confirmed there was a problem with demos around “Shared” demos:

Multiple customers have reported an issue in which they are unable to enter text in the search bar of their UI demo.

This only seems to impact demos at a link generated via the “Share” button. The demo accessed directly by a user directly via the Algolia dashboard works as expected.

This has been corrected now. Let me know if you are still having problems.