Unable to filter on filterOnly facet

I have the following setup in a page:

              <Index indexName={indexName} indexId="discovery-cards">

In my dashboard, I have staff as a filterOnly facet:

However, the filter is apparently not being applied, as I get back all results instead of just objects with staff-name in the staff list. I’m rather baffled.
I also cannot use the staff facetFilter in the dashboard.

Hello, could you provide us with a link to your implementation or a codepen.io link that shows the issue?

On further investigation, this turned out to be a problem with how our data was indexed. Staff were not getting associated with courses correctly, so some people were returning 0 results. Feel free to delete this issue.
Still can’t use the staff filter on the dashboard though

Good to know!

In order to use an attribute as a facet it must be configured in attributesForFaceting without the filterOnly modifier: https://www.algolia.com/doc/api-reference/api-parameters/attributesForFaceting/#modifiers.