Unable to Index

On Friday, I was able to call reindex! on a model from the Rails console to populate our index with some test records.

Now, when I do that, the output appears normal, but nothing is updated on the Index page of the Algolia site.

I’m using the same command as before, so I’m wondering if there is anyway to see any error responses, or any way to figure out why, suddenly, this doesn’t work.

Hello Jean,

The reindex! method waits for the processing to actually finish before continuing the code execution, so if you didn’t get any errors, it means that everything went well.

When calling reindex! for the first time, it will actually push all your Rails objects to Algolia. When calling it a second time, it will update all the objects (not pushing them a second time) based on their objectID (By default, the objectID used is the :id of your record, unless you specified your own).

What kind of changes are you expecting to see? New records being added? Configuration settings being updated?

Thanks for the quick response.

I’m looking to see new records being added. My current index has zero records, and after this command, I would expect to see about 1000.

Hmm yes, for sure.

Could you send an email to support@algolia.com, indicating your APPID so we can have a better look at what is happening? (Better to also indicate the link to this thread so we can post a public answer afterwards for future visitors)

I suspect a wrong configuration somewhere (APPID or index_name).

Hi @pixelastic,

I actually resolved it. I had the wrong syntax, and was actually not sending anything in the request. I didn’t realize I could check in the “Build” tab of the dashboard to see what information I was sending.

Thank you for your help.

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