Unable to see Ranking tab in Algolia Dashboard

I want to define a custom field as searchable but I am not able to do it from algolia dashboard.
As mentioned on this doc

  • Go to your dashboard and select your index.
  • Click the Ranking tab.
  • In the Searchable Attributes section, click the Add a searchable attribute button.
  • Type attributes directly in the input field as a comma-separated list (e.g., director,cast).
  • Don’t forget to save your changes.

but the ranking tab is not visible to me on algolia dashboard.

Now How to set the field as searchable from dashboard? Please help me.

Like as mentioned in the screensort they have ranking tab

Why not I have those?


your account doesn’t have the Configuration ACL which is why you cannot see the tab. You need to ask the application owner to give you more rights.

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Thanks, I assumed that too, I have also mentioned to the account owner.
but after you comment seems I am on right track.

Thanks again.