Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'gaiyo' of undefined

I did not have any problem with my code the other index but I got this error.
I did not changes any structure of the index.

Hi @ynaka
Can you make a small reproducible example?
Here is the template for you:

You can put your appId, index and things to reproduce your issue. It will help us to understand your issue.

Hi, I am using back end so it’ll be hard to create it sorry.

But please check the attached photo.

It reads the value but once I saved it to variable, it returns undefined.

Thank you.

Once I type them in directly, it works.


You can still create a reproducible sandbox even if you use back end search, since the issue is happening on the front end (in your InstantSearch code).

Unfortunately, we’ll be very limited in the help we can provide from just images, since we have no way to see surrounding code and properly understand the control flow of your app. Having real code to work with is essential for us to help you debug the issue.