Understanding the Reporting

I was just looking for a little information to better understand the reports we receive. I have attached a snapshot from out latest report and you can see that “mum” returns 14 searches in BOTH the “Most frequent searches” AND the “Most frequent searches retrieving 0 hits”.

Also, when I search; fairy, confirmation and christening on our website it returns numerous results of our core product however the report indicates that it retrieves 0 hits.

Our website requires customers to login to return a comprehensive result and a complete listing, could this be skewing the results on the report?


Hi @natalies, in the report we can see that the queries that do not return any hits are the ones with include_in_menu set to 1, on top of the query. Did you try with and without this filter?


I have a similar question. When I look at the Analytics page, I see that “indigenous” is listed in both the top search results and the no search results section. I downloaded the data for both and compared the data sets. There weren’t any refinements on the version that returned no results. I’ve read the Search Analytics Concepts documentation, but I didn’t see anything that would explain this. What am I missing?