Unresolved reference "Searcher"

Trying to integrate instant search in my Android app, but “Searcher” is unresolved.
I have the following dependencies currently, am I missing any?

implementation "com.algolia:algoliasearch-android:3.27.0"
implementation "com.algolia:algoliasearch-client-kotlin-jvm:1.0.0"
implementation 'com.algolia:instantsearch-androidx:1.15.2'
implementation "io.ktor:ktor-client-android:1.2.2"


If you are a Kotlin user, I would recommend today to rely on our Kotlin client, meaning you should add the following dependencies, and drop the others.

implementation “com.algolia:algoliasearch-client-kotlin-jvm:1.0.0”
implementation “io.ktor:ktor-client-android:1.2.2”

We are currently working on a InstantSearch version that will work with this Kotlin client. You can watch the Github repository for when we release a stable version.

The two other dependencies are older java libraries that work together, and should not be mixed with the Kotlin dependencies mentioned above.

implementation ‘com.algolia:instantsearch-androidx:1.15.2’
implementation “com.algolia:algoliasearch-android:3.27.0”

While we will continue to maintain these two java libraries, we will not add new features and strongly encourage you to use our Kotlin stack for Android development.

I hope this make sense and don’t hesitate if you have any further question,

Best regard,