Unusual terms in top searches

in analytics section there is lots of terms that are meaningless like |d3 |p5 and so on
what are these terms mean ?

Thanks for the question! I’m working to find an answer to the question. Please stand by!

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thank you … It’s just taking many of the operations that are costly…

There are no known bugs in the Analytics at the moment, so these must be real queries actually sent to Algolia’s API. Since it seems unlikely that a human would type this kind of query, the most sensible explanation is a bug in your implementation.

The first step would be to have a look at the logs in your Algolia Dashboard to try and identify the origin of the queries. You can use the source IP, the user agent and the referrer to distinguish between your back-end and front-ends. If the queries come from your back-end, you can try logging Algolia API calls in your own logs to narrow down the search. If they come from front-ends, it’s a little trickier; you should attempt to reproduce them from your app.

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