Up to Date Library


I am confused reading through the docs about which library to use for instantsearch on react-native.

We can see in this doc(https://community.algolia.com/react-instantsearch/Getting_started_React_native.html#install-react-instantsearch-native) it references: react-instantsearch-native.
However in many other locations including this repo (https://github.com/algolia/react-instantsearch) and this example (https://github.com/algolia/react-instantsearch/blob/master/examples/react-native/src/Type.js) for react-instantsearch it seems that is the preferred library for both react and react-native.

Can anyone confirm which library I should use?

The recommended way to use React InstantSearch Native is to use the package react-instantsearch-native. You can learn more on this new package on our migration guide on imports.

We haven’t updated all our examples yet.