Update By Query

I see that Algolia offers “Delete by query” at the api level, but what I think I need is “Update by query”. I don’t see that in the documentation anywhere. Does that functionality exist, or is there a way to replicate that ability using the existing api?

We’re essentially storing denormalized data within each Algolia object in the index, so when that data changes, all matching records need to be updated in the index. Alternatively, the denormalized data could be retrieved from our datastore and kept out of Algolia, but then we don’t benefit from having that data indexed by Algolia.

Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, “updateByQuery” is not something we support at the API level today.
To emulate this behavior, you can first perform a browse to accumulate all the APPID marked for update, and then use our batch function to perform multiple partial updates!

Hope this works for you!

Thanks for letting me know! That might work for us.