Update index via CSV import

Is there an easy way to update my existing index using a CSV file?
By easy I mean, no code involved. :grimacing:

I’m keeping a Google Sheet as my source of truth (dataset). Every now and then (twice a year) I’ll need to sync the Sheet with Algolia. I’m planning to export a CSV file and use it to update existing records and add new ones.

Thank you!

Hi @gusvd

Yes, you can upload a CSV file to your index via the dashboard:

Note that if you want to update your existing records, the CSV file must include an objectID field and the value in the CSV must match the existing value in the index – otherwise we will create a new record rather than updating the existing one.

You may also be interested in our new Connector and Flow feature we will be debuting next week at our Developer Conference – these will help automate the process if retrieving the CSV file and mapping objectIDs.

Finally, there is a basic Zapier integration you could use for doing the attribute mapping, if you’re comfortable with stitching things together in Zapier:

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@chuck.meyer Extremely helpful, thank you so much!

Importing the CSV with an objectID should do the trick for now. But I’m looking forward to the announcements.

It’s my first time using Algolia and I’m super impressed with how well it works, how easy it is to integrate and with the amazing support and community.

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