Update index via CSV import

Is there an easy way to update my existing index using a CSV file?
By easy I mean, no code involved. :grimacing:

I’m keeping a Google Sheet as my source of truth (dataset). Every now and then (twice a year) I’ll need to sync the Sheet with Algolia. I’m planning to export a CSV file and use it to update existing records and add new ones.

Thank you!

Hi @gusvd

Yes, you can upload a CSV file to your index via the dashboard:

Note that if you want to update your existing records, the CSV file must include an objectID field and the value in the CSV must match the existing value in the index – otherwise we will create a new record rather than updating the existing one.

You may also be interested in our new Connector and Flow feature we will be debuting next week at our Developer Conference – these will help automate the process if retrieving the CSV file and mapping objectIDs.

Finally, there is a basic Zapier integration you could use for doing the attribute mapping, if you’re comfortable with stitching things together in Zapier:

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@chuck.meyer Extremely helpful, thank you so much!

Importing the CSV with an objectID should do the trick for now. But I’m looking forward to the announcements.

It’s my first time using Algolia and I’m super impressed with how well it works, how easy it is to integrate and with the amazing support and community.

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Do you have any tips on the “Connector and Flow” feature you mentioned?

I can produce a CSV file with all the info I need for indexing (I might be able to do a Jason format too) but my ecommerce website doesn’t have a feature to upload this to Algolia using the API and I’m just after an easy solution for this.

If I produce a file accessible at a URL that’s updated hourly what’s the easiest way of sending this to Algolia for indexing?

You can get a taste of it here:

It’s still in development however. I’m not sure if @keshia.rose is around, but she’s the Product Manager and may have more details.

What is the software you’re using for the ecommerce site? We do have a few connectors as well.

Ah this looks great, exactly what I’m looking for. I’d love to be a test case if this is possible? If not is there a time frame for the connector and flow becoming available?

I use the Maropost / Neto platform. At the moment and I have an integration by a third party but the synchronisation is really slow 4->5hrs at best, possibly 12hrs or longer and as a retail store it doesn’t work when we start a sale or add products as updates in search don’t happen for ages.

I was looking at using AWS to host my own tool to push the csv to Algolia but it seems overkill when I can export a csv or jason file to a url every hour, I just need to send this file to Algolia.

I just reached out to the product manager internally. One of us will get back to you here!

Thanks for the heads up Chris! Tim I just sent you a message :smiley:

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Hi @keshia.rose! I just watched the video about the connectors and flows and it looks incredible! I’ve been waiting for this feature since the original post. Do you think I could also take it for a spin?

Thank you and a happy new yar to you and all the Algolia team!

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Just sent you a DM Gustavo!

The CSV connector is now in public beta! :tada: You can learn more from this blog post or try it out from within the Algolia dashboard!

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