Update query result

hello, one question, is possible after call data (query), clear all data query,?

algolia javascript


}).then( (res)=>{

            this.resultImages = res.hits 

            this.resultImages.length == 0 ?  this.searchNotResult=true : this.searchNotResult=false


This is the situation, I seach for items,
I delete an item,
Then I look for the same thing and it turns me back
the deleted item. … use cache?

important, the item if it is removed from the database

Hi @ezequielchat,

When you delete an item from your index, it will take some time to update the index, so you will get the same results if you immediately search again. A cache might be your best option, save the results from your initial search and delete that item from your search results before displaying them again.

ok, thanks for oyur time

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