Updated to "Starter" plan from "Legacy" and Immediately Indices are Limited

I upgraded to the Starter plan from the Legacy plan. I have more than 50 indices for my app, but apparently upgrading triggered some kind of index cap (50) and now Algolia has blocked me from creating new indices.

All this without any warning at the upgrade screen. No email that indices were going to be capped, simply that they were now capped and index creation was now blocked.

It was a disaster for me to upgrade, because it impacts my business and has essentially broken my app/prevented onboarding of new customers.

I’m pretty surprised how poorly this was communicated and how Algolia does this without even giving you a heads up. I’ve contacted support, but I’m really disappointed.

My question:

  • Will Algolia lift that limit?
  • Is this new? Under the Legacy plan I could create as many indices as I wanted
  • Why does Algolia constantly change their pricing? It makes it difficult to plan/make business decisions when the cost structure changes radically every year.

Contacted support I was able to roll back to my previous plan with unlimited indices. I see the index rule was buried in the feature comparison.

Gleaning from the response, the pricing seems to be tweaked all the time:

we’re unable to raise the limit on the grow 8.5 plan.

Let us know if you wish to continue switching back to the Starter V7 plan?

I still am very confused why the pricing changes so much. I’m happy I have the option to stick with my legacy starter plan, but this makes me a little reluctant to commit/lean on Algolia too much, if the pricing will be radically changed and all of the sudden key features are capped/turned off in LIVE without requisite warning. That was scary.