(Updated) What kind of widget to use?

I am trying to implement instant search on an existing page with a ‘custom menu.’ This page has on top, links which are supposed to refine the data. The link values correspond to the values in our post_type_label facet. This is, I suppose, similar to a menu.

In any case, what I’ve been able to do is show the values in the facet across the top but when I select the value ‘Projects,’ all the other values in the menu are removed since, in the index, they are mutually exclusive. I need them all to stay there in case the users want to change the type.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Are you looking for the refinementList widget?

You can see a live example on this sandbox.

No, it can’t be a refinement list because I need all the values to remain in the ‘menu’.

@francoischalifour, I just looked… it can’t be a custom renderer because the facet items are not available at first render.