Updating of Searchable attributes causes no results in frontend

I just updated the searchable attributes of my index (first by adding new attributes, then by leaving it blank) in the Algolia console. Now when I search from my UI I get 0 results for every query.

Hmmm… can you show me a screenshot of your current Searchable attributes configuration in the dashboard? Also, are you sure you don’t have any filters turned on? This is a mistake I frequently make.

Thank you for your feedback.

I have deleted all searchable attributes, and even deleted and reinstalled the Algoio/Firebase extension, deleted and re-created the Algolia application and index. I still have the problem, so I don’t think it came from the searchable attributes.

Basically, the issue is the following:

  • When I do a frontend search (vue instantsearch component) with the Search Only API Key that i find on the Algolia dashboard, the search returns the expected results. BUT I also get the following error in the network tab of chrome: {“message”:“indexName is not valid”,“status”:400}
  • When I do the same search with a secured API key (with or without filters, have tried both), I get no results at all. This secured API key is generated by a function in Firebase Cloud Functions. AND I also get the {“message”:“indexName is not valid”,“status”:400}
  • The search in algolia Dashboard works fine
  • Of course I have checked that the vue component points to the right index: ais-instant-search :search-client=“searchClient” index-name=“profiles”

I’m a bit desperate at this point as I really don’t see where the problem could come from.

Here is a link to a discussion I had on algolia/instantsearch (github). They tried to help but could not find the issue. I have shared all the code over there: "indexName is not valid" error in Algolia after Searchable attributes update · Issue #1161 · algolia/vue-instantsearch · GitHub

Any suggestion very welcome!