Upload pages (slugs) to be excluded from auto complete

Hi guys

In Magento admin I can select cms-pages to be excluded from the autocomplete section in my store. Example: I have an active size-guide template set to noindex,nofollow that I dont want it to be visible in store as well, I can select this in this drop down.

But what if I want to exclude several pages? There is no way I will start to do this manually in Magento “one-by-one” in a drop-down. Where can I do this in the Algolia dashboard? I cant find any exclude functionality at all, and no Upload pages to be excluded under the Indices-tab?

Thanks in advance!
Christian Evensen

Hello @christian1,

that’s something strongly related to Magento and it cannot be done in Algolia dashboard.
To exclude several pages you’ll need to add them one-by-one in Algolia configuration in Magento:

Let me know if it’s OK for you.