Uploading JSON files and duplicates

I’ve just uploaded my data set to Algolia through a JSON file. I’d like to update my data set by continuing to upload a JSON file on a daily basis. The contents of my data change on a daily basis, and each record will be deleted, added, or remain the same each day. When I upload my new data set to Algolia tomorrow, what will happen to:

  • Records that have been deleted: Will Algolia recognize that a record that existed today no longer exists and remove it from the Algolia data set?

  • Records that remain the same: Will Algolia recognize that a record that I’ve uploaded tomorrow is already in the data set and not re-add it? Or will there be a duplicate record created?

Thanks in advance for helping a beginner out!

Hi Eric,

Uploading JSON on the dashboard is a feature mostly meant for starting out and making a demo index. By default it only adds items. If they have the same objectID as an item already in the index, it will override it. You can use it as well for production if you want, by uploading to a separate index than your production one, and moving the index once it’s done.

For final implementations, we suggest your index follows the changes in your database or otherwise source of truth, by listening to exact changes, additions and removals

Hope that makes sense!