Usage and trial->free conversion

Hello, we had a trial account that expired yesterday (which we are using to explorer the integration for our app). Around midnight GMT the account stopped returning results and when I checked the dashboard it was because I had to select a plan. So I selected trial, acknowledged we display the logo and then the account came back as a free plan - great so far! The question is: when we came back it says we have already used 36,000 / 100,000 transactions for that period that just started. Since it is only two people developing right now and it was not returning results, I don’t see how we could have already used 36k transactions. Just trying to understand how that works. I definitely was pushing the graphql side right before our demo expired - since I wanted to be sure I understood how that worked. Is is possible while the account was returning an error due to the conversion, that the integration was hammering our account or something? Just trying to better understand how that works since we are still in development need to understand the cost structure. thanks! Algolia search is great and we hope to build it into our product!

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Hmm, just checked and we are now only 697 / 100,000 - so whatever I saw has been corrected/addressed, and i’m back in business, thank you Algolia for making a quite useful service!

Hi @jeffowa! This is Alex, I work on the Algolia dashboard. Thanks for the report!

You indeed encountered a small edge case display bug with that number. It’s fixed now!



Nice, thaks @alexandre.meunier and the Algolia team :slight_smile: