Use algolia instantsearch with firestore

Hello, am looking for a solution where i can use both firestore realtime database with the power of Algolia search. I want to be able to show realtime data coming in to the site and at the same time, when a user searches, i would get that data from the index. Would i have to build my own solution and not use the InstantSearch React component for this use case?

Hi Joseph,

Without knowing all the details of your specific use-case, I can give you a few areas to explore:

  • Most of the effort for this to happen will be on the indexing side of things. You’ll need to push data from Firestore to Algolia in realtime. To be clear, you’ll need to be concerned with the actual interval as the cost of excessive indexing operations may be prohibitive.
  • React InstantSearch will display accurate results on each search keystroke or facet change. Ensure that you’ve turned off caching. They won’t update automatically based on a change to the index in the background as each search is a network call.

Let me know if you have further questions
Best regards,

Thanks Jason, i think if i had access to the internal store used by instantsearch then i could push the data from firestore into that internal store as it changes within firestore. I think what am looking for is an uncontrolled instantsearch, is that possible?

Am already using cloud functions to sync the firestore data with algolia, but i think my use case is not possible since i need access to the same store instantsearch is using.

In a nutshell, i want to have the Twitter experience with fast search. Get events as they happen and also be able to search quick.