Use of migrated DOCSEARCH plan in an Algolia account

We recently received an email from the DocSearch team with the subject “The DocSearch team has some exciting news for you!” about migrating us to an Algolia account. Now we have access to the Algolia Dashboard and we have configured the crawler to run how we want it to.

Just want to check with you on the use of this DOCSEARCH plan for our public documentation website of a commercial product. Can we continue to use the crawler by handling it on our own? A recent conversation with support mentioned that we can use it if we are managing it on our own by following Run your own | DocSearch by Algolia. Can we basically run it from a Docker image or via the codebase so that it extracts content from parsed pages and pushes the built records to Algolia? Just want to get a confirmation.

Also, Just want to know if the account we have will be invalid at any point in time since we are on a DOCSEARCH plan: