useDynamicWidgets Hook Is Not Returning my Attributes To Render


I am using the Dynamic Widget Hook and the API is returning an empty array for attributesToRender. I have configured my index to have attributes for faceting, however my results are still empty. Is there something I am missing in the configuration or is this an unknown bug?


Hi Matt,

Would you be able to share a Code Sandbox or other copy of the code so we can take a look at your exact implementation? You can also share it privately in a PM to me if you would prefer. Thanks!

Hi Michael,

I am using the hook example for the API documents.

import { useDynamicWidgets } from 'react-instantsearch-hooks-web';

function CustomDynamicWidgets(props) {
  const { attributesToRender } = useDynamicWidgets(props);

  return <>{/* Your JSX */}</>;