useInfiniteHits + useMenu bug with pagination

The essence of the bug is that when switching filters, the page does not reset to 0. Consequently, an incorrect amount of content is displayed. Additionally, if I switch filters, not all content is displayed - for example, for the “articles” type, I have 95 hits, but I can only see 70 of them. I would be very grateful for any tips and help with fixing this issue.

I have search container:

 <InstantSearch searchClient={searchClient} indexName="announcements">
        <Configure hitsPerPage={4} filters={filters} />

        <SearchInput  />

         <ContentFilter />

        <SearchList  />

filters in Configure:

 const filters = [
    .join(' AND ')

in ContentFilter component I use useMenu hook and useClearRefinements. The general logic is that we can filter by type or categoryTitle:

const { refine: refineType } = useMenu({
    attribute: 'type',

  const { refine: refineCategoryTitle } = useMenu({
    attribute: 'categoryTitle',

  const { refine: clearRefine } = useClearRefinements({
    includedAttributes: ['categoryTitle', 'type'],

  const onPress = (e: any) => {
    if (e.filter === 'All') {
    } else if (e.attribute === 'type') {
    } else {

and SearchList use useInfiniteHits hook.