"useSortBy" hooks works on expo to filter by price, but on closing the component, it renders and does not show updated sorted list

I am using "import { useSortBy } from “react-instantsearch-hooks”, to create a sortby dropdown in expo project(react native). This sort by component is inside parent component, which opens like model.

Problem: sorting works fine while i open the filter component and choose different filter(ex by price desc, price asc), but as soon as i close the model, whole shorted list result is reset… basically result does not stick to the my choosen sorted result.

Video link of the problem: algolia issue - YouTube

pic1: before any sorting, results are as in pic:

pic2: i click the filter, which shows component similar to model, where i can choose dropdown filter, results after i click desc(which is working fine while, filter screen is still showing):

pic3: once i click the filter icon to remove the filter screen, result does not stick to price by desc, it resets to original result:

here is the source code in snack:

note: ( snack code is perfectly fine… snack is showing error on import line of algolia… that is on this line:
import { InstantSearch } from "react-instantsearch-hooks";