Using Algolia for WooCommerce?

I am trying to use Algolia for the WooCommerce shop page following some official docs from the Algolia site however I am really struggling to follow them.

On the example shown here:

There is an actual WooCommerce tab however I have installed the Algolia plugin and it doesn’t show this tab.

Any idea how I get this plugin to work for WooCommerce?


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Hey @nickmaddren,

The WooCommerce settings are only available if you also have access to the private beta plugin for WooCommerce.

Before sharing anything, would you mind sharing with us your expectations regarding integrating WooCommerce with Algolia?

We are still trying to figure out what would be the best plugin for WooCommerce, and any feedback is very welcome.

Hi @rayrutjes

The reason I am wanting to use WooCommerce with Algolia is because I am developing a site for an Automotive dealership. They are using WooCommerce for the sake of speed, we need to list 1000’s of vehicles and don’t have the time to develop our own system.

What I am expecting to get from Algolia:

  • Predictive search.

  • A completely customizable facet navigation.

  • Analytics

We have tried using:

It’s a great little plugin but I feel it doesn’t give use the flexibility and response speed we need. I have used examples of Algolia and it seems to be lightning fast and this is what we want to achieve.

Our aim is to develop facet and search system as good as the US auto company Shift.

Would you say Algolia would be the right product for us?

I am also very keen on using Algolia with Woocommerce. Do you have an expected date for when this will be released?