Using algolia in a dating app for filtering users. Would that make sense?

So I’m building a dating app similar to tinder where users can swipe other users. Using firebase works fine but I’m having trouble with the limited options of filtering in firebase. I want to filter so that users only see users that:
->they haven’t already swiped yet. Every users has a list of userIds he has already swiped.
->other users have the desired gender, age
->plus there are a bunch of other filtering options like hobbies and stuff

Is algolia the right tool for this job?

Algolia wold be great for filtering on user attributes (“hobbies, gender, age”). That’s definitely our sweet spot.

“Users they haven’t swiped yet” is more challenging – this would need to be an ever expanding list of ids saved per user record – if the user ids are integers, you could use allowCompressionOfIntegerArray API parameter | Algolia and a negative filter, but if you are looking for a Tinder like experience where users are swiping quickly, it may be tough for the index to keep up with updates to this field. You could run some experiments to see.