Using Algolia Search on Drupal 8 for an academic site

Dear Algolia community,

We have been using Algolia search for our academic site since August 2017. See:


It has made it much easier to search for pages, events, publications, people, news and courses. If others are using Algolia for an academic site or using it with Drupal 8, we could be interested in hearing what you are doing.


Hey Leora! It’s great to see your post! (Sorry for the delay - I was on holiday last week).

Are you open to a few pieces of feedback?

So on the first link, I think it could be strengthened with highlighting so folks can see words in context as their found from a search. Right now it’s italicized but I think highlighting would be even more effective.

Secondly on the first link - you might want to set items such as “Pages”, “People”, and “News” as filters. Right now browsing those categories requires a lot of vertical scrolling.

On the News search - I’d bring search up above the fold to make it more noticeable. I’d be interested in seeing if this boosts usage.

Very cool! Nice to see a Drupal use case :slight_smile: and of course in academia…and at Rutgers at that! Thanks very much for sharing!

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Hi Leora,
Where you using the Drupal 8 module
Did you have any problems connecting, as I’m trying to setup a site and I’m getting Hosts unreachable

Thanks for any points in advanced

Chris, we have search_api_algolia as a regular module. In addition, in the composer.json there is a require for algolia/algoliasearch-client-php

Do you have both of those? Ours is working. I remember at one point early on our trial expired, so it was not reachable. Then they fixed it when the payment cleared.

I tried the dev version rather than the beta and this seems to work .


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