Using Algolia to help patients to find suitable doctor for them

Hello Everyone, I am using algolia for a very short amount of time nearly about 6 months. But the experience is awesome.
Currently, we are using algolia in our Mediqueue app. This app helps the patients to find their nearby doctors and then also provides them a real-time tracking system so that they can track the queue of the medical chamber from their home. it helps them to reduce the waiting time during any medical checkup.

We are also planning to provide them a better instant search result with more flexibility and we think algolia is very suitable for our project.

Thank you algolia for making our life easier.

our app is showcased on: Mediqueue site
if you want then you can have a quick look at the app.

Hi @sidbsns01,

Mediqueue looks awesome, thanks for sharing!
We’re excited you used Algolia to built it :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’m glad you like it.

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