Using Algolia with Magento 2 for B2B Commerce

We are interested in adding B2B functionality to our Magento 2 website, but I’m concerned that one of the B2B features will not be compatible with Algolia.

There is a feature called “Shared Catalog” that allows us to show/hide individual products and show different product prices to individual logged-in customers, based on which custom product catalog they’re associated with. In other words, one customer may be able to purchase Product A for $10.00 while another can only purchase Product A for $12.00. Yet another customer may not even be able to purchase or see Product A at all.

Is this something that is accounted for via the Algolia Search for Magento 2 extension so that a product with the wrong price or a product that is not available to a customer doesn’t appear in their search results? (If not, is it in the roadmap?)

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Hello @jee.shin,

thank you for creating a thread here.

Unfortunately Magento’s B2B feature is not currently support in the extension.
The only “B2B” supported feature today are “Customer Groups” where you can have a different price for each customer group and this price will by correctly displayed to logged-in customers.

Shared catalog is not supported now.

We already had couple of requests for supporting full-featured B2B, but so far it’s not on our “closest” roadmap. We might add the support in following months, but I cannot promise you anything. Sorry.

For now, you can use extension’s custom events and customize the extension to index data related to share catalog and then modify the front-end to correctly display it. Is that something you’d be able to do?

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the recommendation—it’s good to know that customization is possible if necessary.

Hello Jan,

Is there a roadmap of algolia magento 2 features for 2019.
We are using algolia search on our magento 1 and we will move this year to magento 2 B2B.
As a B2B store with multiple brands we want to split our catalog depending on different customer groups.
It’s important to know if the feature is planed to be released this year to know if we can continue working with you in the future.
Or if someone has made a custom event in the extension regarding on the shared catalog feature.

Many thanks