Using API & Dart to filter multiple conditions?


I am looking to create an advanced filter in my flutter project.
Currently, I can filter on Gender and player scores to find the best players in that Gender.

I am trying to then add the option to be able to filter those players to what role they play as and where they are in the world.
I store this data as the following in algolai
_geoloc (latlng)

My code is as follows:
Future filterquery(
double? playeravg,
double? awarenessavg,
double? strengthavg,
double? abilityavg,
double? paceavg,
String? Gender,
String? role,
LatLng? location,
) async {
) async {
final client = SearchClient(
appId: ‘’,
apiKey: ‘’,

final queryHits = SearchForHits(
indexName: ‘users’,
query: ‘$Gender’,
numericFilters: [
‘playeravg >= $playeravg’,
‘awarenessavg >= $awarenessavg’,
‘strengthavg >= $strengthavg’,
‘abilityavg >= $abilityavg’,
‘paceavg >= $paceavg’,

Using AND on query returns an error and filters in the documentation seem to only allow AND OR NOT for my strings.

Currently, I am then restricted to only being able to filter on Gender and scores. Which is all working.

I just want to build out the functionality now to also be able to filter on role and location (with in an input radius from a variable if possible)

Any suggestions?